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Here you will find information about the Education Pack that your child is studying in school.

There are estimated 1.2 million children trafficked every year worldwide (ILO)

Trafficking is a world-wide and fast-growing problem. An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every year worldwide (ILO).


We have been shocked to see recent news reports about grooming gangs who have systematically groomed, abused and trafficked children and young British people. There was a Three-part drama created based on the true stories of victims of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale; BBC One - Three Girls. 

The abusers often gain trust and use threats or violence to coerce the victim into sexual/ illegal activity, making the victim feel they have no choice or way out of the situation.

What is the Safe and Free Education Pack?


The Safe and Free Education Pack is designed to empower young people with knowledge around the topics of grooming, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation (CSE)

The pack contains 6 unique lesson modules and is taught in the classroom by the students' regular teachers. 

Using a number of different teaching techniques including visualisation, case studies, videos and group work, we tackle a complicated topic in a way that students understand in a safe and controlled environment.


This allows them to discuss the issues that are raised and leaves them feeling confident and empowered. 

Why is this pack being taught in schools?


There are an estimated 13,000 people trapped in modern slavery in the UK today. ​


Young people are particularly at risk as they transition between child and adult.  They find themselves in more independent circumstances e.g. in the workplace, socialising without their parents, venturing into romantic relationships.  All these are areas where the young person is developing and learning about life and they are more likely to take known, but particularly unknown risks.  ​


Traffickers can prey on young people to manipulate and exploit them.  We want to put a stop to this which is why we want to make young people aware of them.  Through education we can empower students to spot the signs of grooming, CSE and trafficking and know exactly how to react and how to get help.

What age is the Education Pack aimed at?


The Safe and Free Education Pack was originally developed with Year 9 students in mind, however the education pack can be used for all secondary year groups. Teachers are able to adapt the materials to their age group as appropriate.

What do students say?



"The lessons were very engaging as we learned a lot of information which was also given from case studies."

"If you’re in an unfamiliar place make sure you’re always with someone, or make sure you know you’re in a safe environment."

"They were particularly effective as I, myself, feel more aware after all the lessons."

“I have learned about what makes someone vulnerable – but that anyone can be trafficked, no matter how vulnerable they are.”

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