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Safe and Free IN EDUCATION

We’ve created a free schools resource designed by teachers for teachers. 

It is a high quality 6 lesson pack to teach Year 9 (13/14 year old) students about grooming, trafficking and CSE (child sexual exploitation).


It fits into the PHSE /citizenship curriculum. Students learn about how they can protect themselves and spot the signs of trafficking. 

Safe and Free        IN BUSINESS

This is a social enterprise belonging wholly to Safe and Free.  It  works with businesses in the UK to help them minimise the risks of their business being mis-used by traffickers.  


We train key staff so that they would spot signs of trafficking and know what to do if trafficking were to occur.  We work with senior teams to ensure all business systems work together for the effective minimisation of modern slavery in the workplace.  

Safe and Free         IN CARE

Safe and Free is working with a local children’s home to pilot an education and mentor programme for children in their care.

Young people in care are particularly vulnerable to grooming and sexual exploitation.  

Our mentoring programme educates young people about trafficking and CSE within the context of a supportive mentoring project.

The mentoring programme also provides coaching, advice and opportunity to help the children fulfil their potential. 

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