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About Us

our mission, vision and values

Our mission

Each victim that we have been privileged to help has given us detailed knowledge into the terrible effects of trafficking on individuals and families.  We are deeply moved by each story that we have been part of and each of these encounters increases our resolve to put an end to trafficking.


Safe and Free wants to build a sustainable and effective charity to allow us to continue on our path ​preventing human trafficking and modern slavery in todays society by using innovating and evolving technology, business and investigative skills.

Helping Hands


To help people to protect themselves from being victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.


To educate people on how to spot signs of modern slavery and how to prevent trafficking.


To give people the tools to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking effectively.


To inspire people to take a stand for their generation.

Our values

Safe and Free are a group of passionate individuals whose aim is to prevent the growth of human trafficking and modern slavery.

We believe education is an important factor to help put trafficking out of business. We pride ourselves on our unique approach.

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