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Spot The Signs Of Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery is very real and around all of us today, and you may not know it. You can play your part and help put trafficking out of business by taking a moment to spot the signs.

Physical Signs

  • Victims may show signs of abuse, appear unkempt or malnourished


  • Victims may avoid unnecessary contact with others

  • May seem controlled or under the influence of others

Few or no personal possessions

  • Victims may always wear the same clothes day in day out

  • May not have access to passport, ID or a mobile phone

Restricted freedom of movement

  • Victims may not be able to move around freely

  • Rarely allowed to travel alone

Fear of authorities

  • Victims may show signs of hesitation when speaking with the police or other forms of authorities

  • Reluctant to seek help

Unusual travel times

  • Victims may be dropped of/collected at strange times (e.g. very late or early from work)

  • Works extremely long hours

If you believe someone may be a victim of modern slavery, contact the modern slavery helpline 08000 121 700 or if an emergency call 999.

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