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Jodie's Story

Jodie met a woman at her local take-away who she knew through a mutual friend.

The woman invited her to a party where Jodie was given alcohol and encouraged to take drugs. The woman took photos of Jodie taking the drugs after which she threatened to share them on social media if Jodie did not perform sexual acts on men at the party. 


Under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and the pressure of not wanting the photos to be seen by her family, Jodie complied.  Photos were then taken of her having sex with a man.  These photos were used to blackmail and control Jodie. 


She was forced to work as a prostitute for over three years giving all the money to her blackmailer.  Someone reported Jodie as being underage to Safe and Free who were able to rescue her and help her to escape the control of her trafficker. 

Jodie was 14 years old. 

The stories of those who have been exploited, motivate us to keep protecting young people from exploitation and trafficking. Their stories have all been shared with permission in the hope that they will help raise awareness of the ways that exploitation can occur, and to encourage those who are experiencing exploitation to find help.

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