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Breck's Story

Breck was a happy teenage boy, with a loving family and lots of friends. He and his friends attended air cadets, hung out after school and often played games online when they got home. Whilst gaming online, Breck was invited to join a group of online gamers which included his friends from school but was led by an older boy. 

This boy, Lewis, started to demand all of Breck's time, encouraged him to stop attending his other activities and pulled him away from his other friends, telling Breck that they spoke about him behind his back and weren't his true friends. 


Although his mother (Lorin) tried many times to stop him talking to this boy, Lewis had manipulated Breck over many months into believing that his friendship with Lewis was the most important thing and that his mother was being controlling.  


Lewis also promised Breck that he would help him to get the computer programming job he had always dreamed of. 


Lewis convinced Breck to meet him secretly at his flat.  Lewis had lied saying he was terminally ill and that he wanted to pass on to Breck the business he invented which was worth a million pounds.  Police were called to the flat the next day where tragically Breck was found murdered. 

The stories of those who have been exploited motivate us to keep protecting young people from exploitation and trafficking. Their stories have all been shared with permission, in the hope that it will help to raise awareness of the ways that exploitation can occur, and to encourage those who are experiencing exploitation to find ​help.
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