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Safe & Free is a charity and social enterprise. We are a group of passionate professionals who are confident we can act to halt the growth of trafficking. 

We started back in 2012 and have been constantly innovating and evolving, bringing together technology, business and investigative skills to disrupt and prevent trafficking today.

Each victim that we have been privileged to help has given us detailed knowledge into the terrible effects of trafficking on individuals and families.  We are deeply moved by each story that we have been part of and each of these encounters increases our resolve to put an end to trafficking.

Join us on our mission to put trafficking out of business

Everyone has an important role to play when joining us on our mission, get involved. From following and sharing on social media to fundraising, donating and much more.


Together we can make a difference. 

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Spot the Signs of Modern Slavery?

Modern Slavery "Human Trafficking" can affect anybody no matter their age, gender or race. You don't have to cross an international border, this is happening in our communities today! 

Join us in raising awareness and learn how to spot the signs to prevent and protect any potential victims of trafficking. 

Protect Children and Young People Through Education

Safe and Free want all young people to be protected from the growing problem of grooming, human trafficking, and child sexual exploitation in the UK and the World. We strongly believe the best way to do this is through education. 

Sign up today to download our free education pack. The pack consists of six unique lesson modules and resources designed by teachers for teachers.

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Slavery in Supply Chains

Protecting your businesses reputation starts with your supply chain. Safe and Free works with a variety of organisations to help them minimise the risks of modern slavery in their business and its supply chains. We do this through bespoke consultancy to suit the needs of the business.


We want to encourage all businesses to be open and transparent  even if the legislation does not apply to them.

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Together we can make a difference

Join us on our mission to put modern slavery out of business.