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1. Safe and Free provide this education resource free of charge to your school.  As part of the social action lesson there is an expectation that students who benefit from this resource will engage with awareness raising, campaigning and fundraising on behalf of Safe and Free.  These are important aspects of the young person’s learning and we ask that you encourage your students to fully participate in such activities.  Funds raised by the students for Safe and Free are used to contribute to developing, maintaining, delivering and promoting this free educational resource to schools within the UK. The students' social action contributes to the protection of other young people and as such become part of the solution to modern slavery.

2. This education pack is subject to copyright.  The school will not distribute or copy any documents outside the provisions of this pack.

3. The school will ensure that any materials or information passed to Safe and Free by the school is subject to ‘copyright release’. Safe and Free recommends that the school use a form such as an ’information and copyright release form’  to send to parents. The school is responsible for collecting and managing these forms and the information contained within them.

4. Teachers using the pack will familiarise themselves fully with the information and course material.  If appropriate, schools will seek all relevant permissions from parents before using the education pack.

5. Any case of trafficking, or suspected case of trafficking or grooming, that may be reported to the school or teacher will be dealt with in accordance with the schools ‘safeguarding’ policy.

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