Safe and Free in Business 

Safe and Free in Business works with a variety of businesses to help them minimise the risks in their supply chains of modern slavery.

We do this through bespoke consultancy to suit that business's needs.  Key staff are trained to spot the signs of trafficking and would know how to act if trafficking were to occur within the business.  We work with senior teams to ensure all the business systems work together for the effective minimisation of modern slavery risks and we help companies to meet their Modern Slavery Act obligations.  

Safe and Free in Business is a social enterprise belonging wholly to Safe and Free, as well as effectively reducing trafficking, the profits from this work subsidise our other work.

Safe and Free in Hotels


We have a service that is especially designed to meet the particular needs of the hotel sector in addressing the modern slavery risks.


If you are interested in learning how Safe and Free can help your business, please contact us. 

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