We want to make it less profitable and more difficult for traffickers to operate in the UK.   

We will achieve this through targeting the business landscape that traffickers operate in.  Through the education of children and young adults, and via training and the adoption of protective counter- measures by businesses vulnerable to exploitation by traffickers, Safe and Free intend to

Increase costs of operating (make it more expensive to set up as a trafficker) by  making recruitment harder

through the education of potential victims; young people in schools and children's homes.

increasing the number of victims rescued.  By increasing the number of escape routes open to victims and through the training of professionals in high risk industries to spot the signs of trafficking,  we have provided victims with suitable mechanisms to effectively access expert help to deal with incidences of trafficking.

Decrease whole market size (reduce the volume of sales of trafficked victims services) by:

  • Educating businesses to screen for trafficking in their recruitment process, thereby enabling them to spot victims of trafficking should they come into contact with them

  • Raising commercial awareness so customers can choose to refuse services provided by victims of trafficking. 

  • Businesses will report concerns and will demand evidence that businesses have ensured that they, and their supply chains, are free from trafficking.

Increase risk to the trafficker by: 


  • increasing the number of victims rescued and increasing the amount of intelligence gathered about traffickers that can be passed to the police

  • increasing public knowledge and vigilance, with the public being able to spot the signs of trafficking and know how to report their suspicions

  • working with businesses that are likely to be targeted by traffickers as a place to conduct exploitation their victims to increase the likelihood that the business would report their suspicions to Safe and Free. Information regarding the trafficker can then be passed to police for investigation and passed to our business network which warn other businesses in the area.

Decrease market penetration by:

  • Reducing the number of businesses through which victims' services can be sold.  By helping at risk businesses, they can ensure victims cannot be directly employed by by them by performing employee screening and establishing whistleblowing processes

  • Training businesses to understand how their processes could be exploited by traffickers and ensuring all staff are vigilant in respect to possible victims of trafficking.

  • Helping businesses put into place effective counter-measures to ensure their business's location cannot be used to facilitate any aspect of trafficking.

  • Working with businesses to deter opportunities for traffickers to operate from within all aspects of the company through policy and procedure work.

  • Encouraging business social responsibility by promoting vigilance in respect to companies' spheres of influence (suppliers, competitors and local area).

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